I am a Turkish Kanun player based in Montreal, Canada. My aim is to create a dialogue between Turkish art music and Western classical music.

Awards & Recognition

Levantine Rhapsody

Prix Opus

Album of the Year,
World Music

Conseil Québécois de la Musique

Levantine Rhapsody

Nomination, 42nd Felix Awards

Album of the Year,
World Music

42nd Felix Awards

Levantine Rhapsody

Nominated, ADISQ

Album of the Year
World Music



As a musician who loves to challenge the boundaries of he instrument…

The Kanun is known for it’s ability to provide countless opportunities for a rich variety of melodic interpretations. In addition to its classical role in the Middle Eastern music tradition, the Kanun’s melodic resourcefulness also allows its use in Western classical music.

As a kanun player who loves to challenge her instrument’s boundaries, I have participated in various chamber and symphonic music projects over the years. My latest creative endeavour Kanun & String Orchestra, is the products of a 30 year long musical journey and the synthesis of both, my Turkish music background and my conservatory education in Western classical music.

Levantine Rhapsody

I wanted to create my own project, which would intertwine two musical influences…


Frédéric Leotard
Centre des Musiciens du Monde

After composing and playing with different artists and ensembles in Canada for the past 14 years, I wanted to create my own project, which would intertwine two musical influences: Turkish and Western classical music.

The dialogue I created between the kanun and Western classical instruments like the flute, violin, cello and percussion, is enriched by Turkish makams (modes), as well as traditional rhythmic cycles and improvisation, to create a distinct impressionist atmosphere.

Levantive Rhapsody has received an Opus Award for album of the year and was nominated twice at l’ADISQ and Félix Awards.

Guy Pelletier: Flutes
Brigitte Dajczer: Viola
Noémy Braun: Cello
Patrick Graham: Percussion
Didem Başar: Kanun